Israeli security sources reported on Monday that Hamas movement is close to a decision on initial steps aimed at barring resistance fighters from firing homemade at Israeli targets; Hamas denied the report.

Israeli online daily Haaretz reported that Hamas movement started considering this position after the Israeli army shells a Palestinian security center in Gaza, killing one policeman.

Over the weekended Israeli soldiers killed fifteen Palestinians in several attacks against Palestinian targets in the Palestinian territories.

Israeli security officials said that the Hamas-led government is now in a dilemma, and found itself bound to act against the firing of homemade shells at Israeli targets if it wants to survive.

“Hamas has to decide if its going to act as a government or as a terrorist organizations”, an Israeli security officials told Haaretz.  

Also, the official added that the capability of Hamas to bar resistance factions from firing homemade shells is still untested, and that such a move could inflame violent clashes with Fateh fighters.

Earlier on Monday, fighters of the Islamic Jihad fired three homemade shells into southern Israel, while the Al Aqsa Brigades, the military wing of Fateh fired two more shells; one of the shells landed close to an Israeli military training zone.

Also on Sunday, five homemade shells were fired at Israeli areas adjacent to the Gaza Strip.

According to Israeli reports, two groups affiliated with Fateh movement, the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades and the Abu Reesh Brigades, announced that they will not halt their attacks against Israeli targets in an attempts to embarrass the Hamas government and prevent it from stabilizing in its new government.   

Over the last two months, the Israeli army assassinated at least five senior leaders of the Al Aqsa Brigades.

Israel plans to continue its shelling to the Gaza Strip under the pretext of completely halting the firing of homemade shells.  

Meanwhile, a senior leader of Hamas denied the Israeli reports and said that Hamas cannot imagine Hamas barring fighter from firing homemade shells “while Israel continues to attack and kill the Palestinian people on daily basis”.

Dr. Ahmas Bahr (Hamas), vice-president of the Palestinian Legislative Council, reported that the Palestinian Authority cannot stop the fighters while the Israeli army is shelling families and civilian houses.

“They shelled houses, families, and arrested wounded residents”, Bahr stated, “They continued to uproot the trees, and broke into hospitals”.

Bahr added that Hamas will not arrest any fighter, will not confiscate weapons as long as Israeli continues it assaults, and stated that resistance is a right for every oppressed nation.

The Al Qassam brigades, the military wing of Hamas, said on Sunday that it will renew its military activities if Israel does not halt its shelling to the Gaza Strip, and does not halt the assassination against resistance fighters.