Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas did not transfer control over the border crossing points to the Palestinian Government, an informed source at the president’s office said on Sunday.

The statement came in response to some media reports that the Palestinian government took over control over borders terminals.

The source added that keeping the border crossings under the President’s control is meant to prevent any expected Israeli measures against the terminals and not to override the authority of the government.

Israeli government had repeatedly warned against the Hamas-led government take over control over the borders.

Abbas issues a presidential decree some time ago to transfer control to the president’s office in order to keep the European observers who said they would leave the terminals if Hamas’ government takes over control there.

European observers are located on Rafah order crossing, which links the Gaza Strip with .  The Rafah border crossing is the only crossing point where Palestinians can leave the Palestinian territories without having to go through Israeli security personnel.

insisted before withdrawing from the Gaza Strip to install cameras that transmits live from the terminal, which  If closed, the Gaza Strip will become a huge open air prison.