For the second day, Israeli troops broke into Anata Secondary School for Boys, and Salah Ed Deen Elementary School in Anata, north of Jerusalem, and detained dozens of students.

Head of Salah Ed Deen School for Boys reported that as he arrived to the school on Tuesday morning, he saw a large number of Israeli policemen and masked Special Forces searching the students and the teachers while entering the school.

He added that he had to send the students back home in order to avoid any confrontation between the students and the soldiers. On Monday dozens of students fist-fought with the soldiers who attempted to break into the school.   

On Sunday, Israel started constructing a section of the Annexation Wall that passes through the playground of the school. Since then, daily confrontations between the students and the soldiers took place.

Also, head of Salah Ed Deen Elementary School in Anata, Raeda Abdul-Hameed, reported that soldiers closed the school entrance and detained Abdullah Al Omary, a teacher at the school, for several hours; soldiers claimed that Al Omary, a resident of Jenin, is not allowed to enter Anata.   

Abdul-Hameed added that the students, aged 4-8, were terrified on Monday and Tuesday as a result of the extensive military presence in their school and around it. Dozens of students went back home after seeing the soldiers in their school.

The two schools appealed that Ministry of Higher Education and Anata Local Council to interfere in an attempt to solve the crises and provide the students with the suitable environment.

Also, the two school denounced the silence of the Arab and International countries regarding the Israeli violations and illegal practices that bars the residents from receiving education without interruption.