The Palestinian government expressed disappointment at the Jordanian government canceling of a visit of the Palestinian Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Mahmoud Al-Zahaar, scheduled for Wednesday, Palestinian sources reported. 

The Jordanian government said on Tuesday it put the visit off until further notice, hours after they have found weapons and missiles allegedly smuggled by Hamas to Jordanian kingdom.

Hamas has immediately denied allegations saying it won’t interfere in affairs.

"These accusations are false and completely contradict the well-known attitude that it does not intervene … in the internal affairs of other countries," Hamas’ spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri said.

Zahaar is currently touring Arab countries in an attempt to raise funds for the Palestinian Authority after the international donors decided not to fund the PA and said it would not transfer the Palestinian tax money it seizes.

The PA is currently unable to pay its employees who need some 55 Million dollars per month.

The visit would have been the first such trip by a senior member of Hamas leadership, which took power last month after winning parliamentary elections in January, since expelled the Hamas leadership in 1999.

On the other hand, the PA said there is no official communication over the issue with the Jordanian government yet. 

"We did not receive any information or explanation from the Jordanian government concerning this issue yet."