Six armed Palestinian resistance groups declared in a national ‘document of honor’ that they absolutely refuse any recognition of Israel as a legitimate state, acknowledging that it is an occupier.

On Wednesday the charter was released which also confirmed the groups’ support of the Palestinian government. In this vein they also declared not to use resistance weapons for internal conflicts.

The Fateh linked Al Aqsa Brigades armed resistance group spokesperson, Abu Tha’er told a press conference in Gaza City’s Square of the Unknown Soldier Wednesday afternoon, “We support the attitude of the Palestinian government in their refusal to recognize the Israeli occupation as something legitimate. We also affirm the importance to not commit to any agreements or charters which harm the national interests.”

The resistance groups also warned any and all who use weapons of the resistance for internal conflicts, family fights, or to add to a state of internal security chaos that they will be dismissed from whichever organization they belong to.

A formal pledge was made to support Palestinian security institutions and the Palestinian police against what they termed as “deviant groups and transgressor gangs.” The writing was clear that this sort of chaotic behavior harmed the safety of Palestinian families and individuals.

Continuing, the resistance wrote that they adamantly refuse to be blackmailed by the US-led international economic boycott, and that money has never and will never destroy Palestinian unity. The people stand together in the face of international pressure, read the charter, and the Palestinian people will never sell their history or the blood of those killed under occupation for money.

All groups affiliated with Fateh’s Al Aqsa Brigades participated, as did the Hamas party’s Al Qassam Brigades, the Al Nasser Salah Addin Brigades of the Popular Resistance Committees, the National Resistance, the Ahmed Abu Arish Brigades and the General Command of the Popular Front.