Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyya denied reports that he and his procession were fired at last night. On Thursday morning, he said that he is certain that some in the Palestinian government are behind the rumor.

Haniyya issued a press release that was published at the Hamas website and said that this information lacks clarity and correctness.

“Elements from the PA Preventative Security surely stand behind leaking such fabricated information to the mass media”, he stated.

His point is that several disgruntled Fateh members will do anything they can to harm Palestinian unity if it rallies around the Hamas party, and this is not difficult to do considering the US-led economic boycott and added Israeli attacks and settlement and Wall building, all being blamed on the existence of the Hamas government.

Once again Haniyya pointed out that the Palestinian people are being punished for their democratic choice on 25 January.

Haniyya’s response was to Wednesday night’s news reports that the Palestinian Prime Minister’s procession was shot at, resulting in one of them being wounded.