400 Palestinian residents of Bilin village, near the West Bank city of Ramallah, 30 Israelis and 40 international peace activists, protested on Friday against the Israeli annexation Wall, and against the Israeli products that replaces the national Palestinian products in the occupied territories.

Abdullah Abu Rahma, Coordinator of the Popular Committee Against the Wall, informed the IMEMC that the protesters called on the residents to buy and use local products in order to support the local economy instead of supporting the Israeli products and economy and the Israeli occupation that surrounds and isolates the Palestinian territories and residents.

"We have to encourage and support our local products and economy", Abu Rahma stated, "Israel is imposing strict closure and siege over the Palestinian territories, we have to face this siege and encourage our local products".

"We call on the residents in Bilin and in every Palestinian area to boycott the Israeli products", Abu Rahma added.

During the protest, the protesters collected Israeli products from local shops in the village and burnt them in front of the soldiers; the owners of the shops were compensated for the products taken away from their stores.  

After burning the Israeli products, the protesters headed towards a construction site of the annexation Wall and broke several locks that the soldiers placed on the main gate of the Wall in an attempt to reach the orchards that became isolated behind the Wall.

Troops attacked the protesters and fired rubber-coated bullets and gas bombs at them; at least ten residents were injured; one resident required hospitalization.

Three Israeli peace activists and one Palestinian resident were detained.

Also, troops fired at a vehicles that belongs to Ramatan News Agency causing damage to the vehicle. Ramatan is a news agency in Ramallah.