The executive committee of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, (PLO) approved in a statement published on Friday, the Presidential decree preventing the government to form a special security unit in the Ministry of Interior, Palestinian sources reported.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas issued the decree after the Minister of Interior Sa’eed Siyam gave instructions to form a special security unit and to assign Jamal Abu Samahdana as a ministry comptroller.

Abu Samahdana is the leader of the Popular Resistance Committees an armed splinter of Fatah and other resistance groups.

The PLO also called in its meeting held on Friday afternoon in the Presidential compound in Ramallah that on Hamas to abide by the Arab Peace Initiative and by the Palestinian Peace initiative and on which the declaration of Independent State in 1988 was based.

Tayyeb Abdul Rahim, a senior advisor to Abbas said following the meeting that the decision of the Minister of Interior is lawless and is overrides the Presidents authority who is the Highest Commander of the Armed Palestinian Forces.

abdul Rahim added that the government can not be run in the mosques, hinting to the place where Siyam announced his decision to assign form the special unit and assign Abu Samahdana.