Friday, the European Union (E.U)said that its decision to freeze aid money transfer to the Palestinian Authority (P.A) stays in effect indefinitely, and urged Israel to resume the transfer of tax money it collects on behalf of the P.A. 

Emma Udwin, E.U spokesperson, said that the E.U is facing a dilemma regarding this issue after Hamas was officially sworn in and formed its government without amending it charter that calls for the destruction of Israel.

Hamas movement said that it cannot recognize the state of Israel while it continues to occupy the Palestinian territories and continues to carry daily attacks against the Palestinian people and political movements.

Also, the E.U urged Israel, once again, to resume transferring to the PA taxes it collects on goods bound for Palestinian areas.

The E.U will not stop the transfer the annual aid of EU 500 million ($ 617 million) to the P.A, but will not transfer aid money.

Currently, E.U officials are discussing the financial crises of the Palestinians with the quartet committee represented by Russia, the USA,the UN and the E.U. The next meeting of the ‘Quartet’ is May 9.