Labor party’s negotiating team rejected an offer by the winning party Kadima to get five portfolios if they join a coalition to form the government saying that they want 6-7 portfolios, Israeli sources reported.
A Labor party source said they insist to have the party’s leader Amir Peretz handle the finance portfolio, in addition to Education, Justice and Interior portfolios.

Kadima leaders have indicated the party’s intention to form a wide coalition government.

A meeting between Ehud Olmert, leader of Kadima party and Peretz is expected to come up with a decision on this issue.

Kadima is unable until this moment to form a government and is expected to be blackmailed by the other parties as it failed to win enough seats of the 120 Knesset seats.

Head of the Kadima’s negotiation team Yuram Tropovitch said the party will not be able to put off with the demands of the other parties that reached up to 4.5 billion dollars.