As Greek Orthodox Palestinian Christians were celebrating the Holy Saturday in Jerusalem, Israeli policemen attacked dozens of worshipers and priests near the Church of the Holy Sepulcher and at the entrance of the Old City of Jerusalem.

The Palestinian News Agency WAFA reported that soldiers and policemen present at the entrance of the Church and the Gates of the Old City of Jerusalem barred the worshipers from reaching the Church to celebrate the eastern Holy Saturday.  

Dimirty Diliani, who heads a coalition of Palestinians Christians, reported that soldiers attacked worshipers and priests who gathered around the church; several residents and priests were injured.   

Diliani added that the Israel is violating the international law and barring the residents from reaching their holy sites.

"They are barring the Muslims from entering the Al Aqsa mosque" he stated, "And they are barring us from reaching the church for Easter celebrations, this is an organization policy against any Palestinian or Arab presence in Jerusalem".

Eyewitnesses reported that dozens of worshipers clashed with the soldiers in the Old City especially around the church after Israeli pushed more troops in the area which caused tension.

Ahmad Atwan, a Palestinian Legislator for Jerusalem area, said that these violations clearly show that Israel is tar getting every Palestinian in Jerusalem, Muslims and Christians.  

"Israel wants to empty there Holy City from its Palestinian residents", he stated, "Israel wants to isolate the city from its surrounding Palestinian areas".

Atwan also said that these violations are direct breaches of international law and asked the international community to exert pressure on Israel to stop its violations against the Palestinians.