Palestinian Minister of Finance, Omar Abdul Raziq said on Tuesday the government has no objection if the President’s office will receive and manage international aid for the Palestinian Authority including the salaries.

"The relation between the Government and the President’s office is fine and is based on mutual recognition of legitimacy and authority.  We are trying to enhance coordination based on the basic law of the Palestinian Authority," Abdul Raziq told a press conference.

He hinted to initiatives to form a national unity government through dialogue and affirmed Hamas’ commitment to the national unity option.

Commenting on the American and European boycott of the PA, Abdul Raziq said that this boycott is meant for the Palestinian people as a whole and not for the Government only, because "what they demand is not to recognize Israel and to denounce violence only, but to give up the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people, and we are not willing and not authorized to do this."

On the other hand, Abdul Raziq said the Ministry will take a tough financial procedures and conduct a tough financial policy.  The government will increase incoming over spending by collecting all taxes and to reduce government spending.

In an attempt to ease the financial crises the state employees are in, the Minister said the Banks will deal with the interest for those who took loans and there might be some discount on their loans or to delay the payments without charging more interest.