Scores of farmers and land owners in addition to a number of residents gathered at their land to the east of Hebron in the West Bank where Israeli bulldozers started to prepare for the construction of the annexation wall on Tuesday.

A number of international peace activists from the International Solidarity Movement and the Christian Peace Maker Teams (CPT) were also there with the families and the farmers.

The main purpose gathering was to try to prevent the construction of the wall near Yatta and Tuwwani villages.

Israeli army imposed tough military procedure to prevent the activists and the families to protest.

Eyewitnesses reported that bulldozers started to dig a wide area of land and is planned to bulldoze over 300 acres to build the wall which will extend for 25 Kilometers long in that area.

The wall is made of concrete and is eight meters (24 feet) high and has barbed wire on both sides in most of the areas.

The planned length of the wall is almost 760 kilometers (500 miles), and is mostly built on West Bank land which will shrink the West Bank into half, when completed and will create isolated cantons.