Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said Thursday he will call the Israelis to resume peace talks after they form the new government and called on the European Union to resume aid to the Palestinian People.

"I think after the establishment of the Israeli government, we will make an initiative to the Israelis to return back to the negotiating table," Abbas told reporters in Helsinki. "We hope that they will be positive."

Abbas is on a world tour in an attempt to ease the financial crisis the Palestinian People are facing due to the boycott imposed by the EU and the .

Abbas held talks with the Finish President Tarja Halonen and other officials, including Foreign Minister Erkki Tuomioja.

, will take over the rotating presidency of the European Union in July.

Abbas also flew to for a two-day visit for talks on how the international community could resume aid to the Palestinian people.

Abbas also visited the Norwegian capital on Wednesday and proposed an international conference to reopen long-stalled peace talks with , and said the election of a Hamas government, was no obstacle.

"An international conference should be summoned immediately, in which direct negotiations take place, on the basis of international UN resolutions and signed agreements," Abbas said.

"The international group, whether it is the Quartet or any other international framework, would play the role of the broker and arbitrator at the same time," he said.

In Oslo, the city where the Palestinians and the Israelis hammered out their 1993 peace accord, Abbas said that as leader of the Palestine Liberation Organization he still has the mandate to negotiate. But has long opposed international conferences.

pledged $20 million in direct aid to the Palestinians, yet said the funds will not be channeled to the Hamas government.