Palestinian Legislative Council Secretary General, Dr. Mahmoud Al Rahmahi has strongly condemned Iseael’s arrest of Palestinian Legislative Council member Ahmed Mubarak from Ramallah Thursday morning.

On Thursday morning, a large number of Israeli forces surrounded Mubarak house, and arrested him and took him to an unknown location.

The 43 year old PLC member lives in Al Jalazon Refugee Camp in Ramallah. Mubarak’s son reported that 25 Israeli military vehicles besieged the family home this morning and dawn and approximately 50 soldiers stormed inside, taking his father.

Mubarak is the father of seven and Israeli forces have arrested him five times since the early 1990s. His wife expressed concern that “the occupation is targeting my husband due to his political work, as well as all Palestinians and elected members of Parliament, for no reason, without exception or discrimination.”

Al Rahmahi said, “The detention of PLC member Mubarak comes as part of the pressure on the Legislative Council and the Palestinian people. The Israeli government behaves as if this democratically elected government represents a danger to them, which in a sense it does as we are speaking the truth. Silence is what they expect, but it is not what is needed at this point.”

Currently 15 elected Palestinian officials are in Israeli prisons, including Ahmed Sa’adat, Marwan Al Barghouti and Hussam Khader.