King Abdullah of ordered medical aid to be sent to a Gaza hospital, said a Jordanian newspaper. This aid comes shortly after the Jordanian Kingdom accused the Hamas ruling party of smuggling weapons to .The aid will go directly to Al-Shifa hospital, which is suffering a great lack of medicine and other medical equipment.

King Abdullah II confirmed that will continue supporting the Palestinian people and doing its utmost to ease the pressures and to guarantee the flow of aid to the Palestinian people.

Shifa’a Hospital is being threatened with closure because of the difficult situation in the Palestinian territories which is escalating following the and EU decision to suspend aid to the Palestinians since Hamas won the election.

The aid will be sent through the Hashemite Charitable Committee, said its Secretary General Dr. Abdu-Salam Al-Abbadi, it will be in a form of a convoy of of medical necessities, food stuffs and other relief.

The same committee sent a convoy of aid on 21 March to the West Bank and Gaza Strip loaded with 400 tons of food stuffs.

Palestinian officials expressed appreciation to the step saying it came in the right time.  Palestinian Minister of Health Bassem Na’eem highly praised the Jordanian step, saying that the hospital was in great need of the sent aid.