Islamic Jihad Movement official in Jenin, Mahmoud Al Sa’adi, said that Israeli forces launched a wide arrest campaign on Friday against resistance fighters in several areas of the Jenin District.
The northern West Bank has been under continuous assault for weeks, and in a press statement Al Sa’adi wrote that Israeli forces arrested 10 members of Al-Quds Brigades, the armed wing of the Islamic Jihad and took them to unknown locations.

Meanwhile, Israeli forces arrested 12 residents on Friday morning in the villages of Burqin and Arabah.  Israeli forces also invaded Jilboun Village and placed several military barriers throughout Jenin City.

In Burqin Village, Palestinian security sources reported that a large Israeli force, which consists of at least 20 military vehicles backed by two Apache helicopters, launched an offensive against the village claiming that they are looking for resistance fighters.

Al Aqsa Martyrs brigade, the armed wing of the Fatah party, and Al-Quds Brigade clashed with the invading troops.

Security sources also reported that Israeli forces surrounded the northern entrance of the village and demanded through mega-phones that all resistance members where rounded up in a school that is under construction, to surrender.

Eyewitnesses report that Israeli soldiers broke into the school and began searching the building using military dogs. Other soldiers broke into homes and took a Palestinian as a “human shields” while searching the town.

Some fighters turned themselves in fearing that they will be killed have they failed to do so.

Both security and local sources reported that Israeli soldiers arrested at least six including 26-year-old Ahmed Mansour, 25-year-old Hilal Atik and 31-year-old Omar Majid Atik.

Israeli soldiers forced 35-year-old Monther Saleh to undress as he was passing near the greenhouse then arrested him, eyewitnesses reported.

IN arraba village, Israeli forces arrested 25-year-old Nasser Abu Aziza, 22-year-old Abdullah Abu Aziza, 17-year-old Daoud Abu Ebeid.  Eyewitnesses said they were blind-folded and handcuffed.

The army left area around 8:00 in the morning leaving the residents in fear and shock as most of them were forced at gunpoint to gather in the center of the village while troops searched their homes.