Israeli soldiers backed by more than 15 armored vehicles and armored jeeps carried out wide scale arrests and invasions in several locations in Bethlehem area in the West Bank,  mainly in the  cities of Bethlehem, Biet Jala, Biet Sahour and other nearby villages and neighborhoods.
According to Palestinian security and legal sources, troops conducted several practices that were described as violent which included  forcing the residents out of their houses, attacking and beating some of them.
During theses invasions , eight residents were arrested early on Tuesday at dawn including  Shehada Mohamad Shehada,16, son of  Mohamad Shehada, 44, a resistance fighter wanted by the Israeli army since more than five years.

Soldiers arrested the son to pressure his father Mohamad to give himself in to the army.

By arresting  eight residents , the  total number of the arrestees in the Bethlehem area during the last twenty four hours rises to 17.