On Tuesday afternoon, two Palestinian security officers were killed and seven were injured in an explosion in that took place at the building of the Palestinian National Security in the north of Gaza City, between Jabalia refugee camp and Beit Lahia town.

The two killed officers were identified as Khaled Fanoura and Tamer and Al Mash-harawi, the Palestinian Ministry of Interior reported.

According to the ministry and eyewitnesses, the explosion was caused by an Israeli tank shell, while reports indicated that the explosion could have been caused by an Israeli land-mine.

Meanwhile, an Israeli military source claimed that the explosion was caused by a homemade shell used by Palestinian resistance fighters against Israeli targets adjacent to the Israeli border with Gaza.

Palestinian security and medical sources report that Israeli forces fired a tank shell at the National Security Building east of Jabalia Refugee Camp, resulting in the injury of several members of the Palestinian Authority’s security members; one room in the building, where the two men were killed, was totally damaged.

Medical sources at the Beit Lahia Hospital reported that the injured are undergoing emergency surgeries, with one in critical condition.

On Monday, an Israeli military aircraft dropped leaflets onto the northern Gaza Strip warning the residents against being in the area.

After Israeli started creating the “security zone” in the northern part of the Gaza Strip, hundreds of residents were forced to evacuate from their houses as the army started shelling the area to clear it from  its inhabitants.