The financial crisis facing Palestine due to the US-led economic boycott against the new Palestinian Hamas-led government has reached Palestinian political prisoners.

Sources in the Palestinian political prisoner movement in Israeli prisons reported on Tuesday that the Israeli Prison Administration (IPS) is aggravating its punitive steps against the rights of Palestinian prisoners.

The IPS has closed more than 150 Palestinians accounts at prisons canteens, and prisons store which many detainees rely upon to supplement the paltry meals received in the prison.

The Palestinian Ministry of Finance has not transferred any money to the accounts of the detainees due to the economic blockade against the Palestinians, while families also have no money to put into their accounts.

The Prisoners Families Committee demanded that legal and human rights organizations, in addition to the Ministry of Detainees and Ex Detainees Affairs, quickly intervene to improve the already dismal condition of political prisoners.

The Israeli prison administration is aware that funds for at least 150 canteen accounts for Palestinians from the Nablus area come directly from the PA Ministry of Finance and have closed them based on this knowledge alone.

Not only due Palestinians supplement their diets with canteen purchases, but also buy soap for washing themselves and their clothes.