The Israeli Army commander of the West Bank issued three military orders on Tuesday — to demolish a house and a barn in the West Bank city of Hebron and another in the nearby village of Su’eer; and to confiscate two acres of land belonging to Palestinians from the village of Samu’, south of Hebron.
Palestinians in the area note that the Hebron area has been subjected to increased military movement and illegal Israeli settlement expansion in the past several weeks, as well as a number of settler attacks on Palestinians and international human rights observers.

Official sources in the general committee of land defense in the West Bank office in Hebron affirmed that the first military order numberT/36/06 included confiscating around two acres of land from the area of Ighwien El Foqa, located in the east of  Samu’ village southern of Hebron to build a military camp. The confiscated lands belong to Jaser Al Badareen, Mohammad Abu Awwad, Uthman Al Mahareeq and Abdel Fattah Al Mahareeq.

 The commander of the Israeli army, issued a demolition order for the 150 meter-square house of Issa Hassen Al Jabareen, a resident of Su’eer, north east  of Hebron located in Tuqu’ area north east of the village.  The order was issued allegedly for the house being built without obtaining a permit from the Israeli army, although no permits have been issued to Palestinians to build since Israel began occupation of the Palestinian territories in 1967.  Jamal Al Rajabi’s 240 meter-square animal barn, located in Jaqbal Johar area, south east of Hebron also received an order to be demolished, allegedly also for lack of permits.

The Israeli Committee Against Home Demolitions has noted that 90% of Palestinian homes demolished by the Israeli military are destroyed supposedly for the fact that the owner did not obtain a permit to build.  But the group points out that no Palestinian has ever received a permit to build.  At least 27,000 Palestinians have been made homeless by Israeli home demolitions over the last five years of open conflict.