Dozens more Palestinians join nonviolent protest, hunger striking against “starvation of children and the Palestinian nation, as the US-led economic blockade continues against Palestinians after the elected the Hamas party into the Palestinian Legislative Council.

In another nonviolent demonstration of unity, dozens more Palestinians have joined the open hunger strike in the northern West Bank city of Jenin to protest what they call the “starvation of children and the Palestinian nation.” The sit-in and hunger strike began last week by Palestinian writer Adnan. Now in its fifth day, Adnan is hardly alone.

On Saturday morning Adnan told PNN, “This step aims to show the true suffering that our nation is facing during the latest Israeli moves against us, which the American and European administrations have joined in.”

He continued, “We must be clear in illustrating that this is not a game and the international community which is aiding in starving our children and our nation bears responsibility for his abomination. There is a limit to what anyone can withstand, and that is what the Israeli occupiers are banking on, that we will bend to their will, cave in, and become the cowards they do all they can to dominate and control.”

Social activist Abdul Fattah Abul Dhahab declared that he decided to join the hunger strike to show that he refuses to accept the occupation and the blockade, and that “our nation is capable of withstanding and breaking the blockade. We challenge the occupation in all its forms as we know that it is illegal and unjust. And in the name of all the strikers, we call on more of the public to join us.”