Israeli soldiers put the villagers of Hussan, west of Bethlehem in the West Bank, under house arrest after an Israeli settler hit a Palestinian woman with his car by accident, on Friday shortly before midnight.

The woman and two Jewish settlers were injured when the settler’s car hit the woman who was riding her horse going back home from her farmland.

Apparently, the settler was over-speeding and the car jumped of the road and hit the woman by accident, as he was en route to the settlement of Bittar Ilit that is built on lands confiscated from residents of the villages of Nahaleen, Hussan and Wadi Fukin .

Troops who arrived to the scene, declared through megaphones that villagers are not allowed to leave their houses, assuming that what happened was a Palestinian attack against the settlers.

However, a quick police investigation revealed that it was an accident, which had the soldiers to lift the restrictions.

The three were then evacuated to Hadassah hospital in Jerusalem for medical treatment.  The settler and his companion’s wounds were described medium whereas the Palestinian woman’s woundes were described seroius and the horse died.