Palestinian medical sources in Nablus reported on Wednesday afternoon that the number of Palestinians killed in the Israeli military invasion in the West Bank city of Nablus has risen to three after medical and civil defense teams uncovered a body of an aged man under the rubble of the attacked house.

The man was identified was Mosharraf  Tawfiq Al Mbaslat; 74. His body was transferred to Rafidia Hospital in Nablus.

Earlier on Wednesday, Israeli troops invaded Nablus,  surrounded a house where resistance fighters were hiding, and exchanged fire with them killing two.

The two fighters, hiding in the house of Al Mbaslat, are members of the Al Quds Brigades, the military wing of the Islamic Jihad.

The man apparently died after suffering a heart attack while the soldiers were surrounding his house and firing at it.

Neighbors reported that they could hear Al Mbaslat calling for help during the military operation, but soldiers barred the medical teams from entering the house

Two Palestinians Killed in Nablus in pre-dawn Israeli invasion
George Rishmawi – IMEMC & Agencies; 09:21
Two Palestinians were killed and a third was injured and arrested when a large Israeli military force invaded the West Bank city of Nablus in the early hours of Wednesday morning, Palestinian sources reported.

Mustafa Abdul Ghani from a village near Tulkarem and Othman Sadaka from Anza village near Jenin were killed when the Israeli soldiers surrounded the house they were staying.  

Local sources reported that the two belong to the Islamic Jihad organization and have exchanged fire with the soldiers who attempted to enter the building.
The third who was with them was not identified however, eyewitnesses said his wounds were serious and he was bleeding when he was taken by the soldiers to an unknown destination.
Ambulances were stopped for more than one hour before the soldiers allowed them to enter the building.  When the medics arrived the two were dead, according to an eyewitness report.
Troops also assaulted Ameed Al-Maani, a photo-journalist who works for a local TV station, when he refused to stop photographing, witnesses said.
Eight other residents were arrested in the invasion identified as Jalal Fakhoury 16, Bashar Mismar 21, Mohammad Na’na’a 19, Rajab Al-Aghbar, Huthaifay Istiyah and Nadia Aqouba who is a female.
Troops also arrested two paramedics who were in the area on duty.  The two were identified as Luay and Moayyad Qassas from Nablus, and were taken to an unknown location.
Nablus has been subject to an ongoing military operation that sometimes escalates when the army invades the city to assassinate or arrest resistance operatives.