Detainee Abdul-Rahman Al Otewy, appealed humanitarian organizations to interfere for his release from Israeli prisons and transfer him to “anywhere in the world” since he is suffering a sever deterioration of his health condition and is conducting repeated hunger strikes in protest to the bad living conditions he faces.

Al Otewy is suffering from sight problems and problems in his body balance.

Lawyer of the Mandela Institute, Bothaina Doqmaq, visited Al Otewy and several other detainees in Al Ramla detention facility and prison hospital.

Doqmaq reported that Al Otewy was recently under surgery for hernia. While he was transferred to the hospital, he was attacked and beaten by soldiers of the Nahshoun brigade.
He also has not been allowed to have any visitations from his family since more than two and a half years. He was arrested on April, 4, 1986.

Eight years ago, Al Otewy suffered asthma and started developing respiratory problems.

Detainees facing harsh living conditions;

Doqmaq also reported that there are 37 detainees who are currently hospitalized in Al Ramla detention hospital, among them several detainees who are living there permanently as a result of disabilities and serious illnesses.   

The detainees who are permanently staying at the prison hospital are;

1. Mahmoud Salman, Gaza; requires heart surgery.
2. Ali Shalalda, Jerusalem; suffers from Diabetics and Asthma; hospitalized since eleven years.
3. Mohammad Abu Libda; Gaza, suffers paralysis and cannot stay at the prison facility.
4. Ala’ Hassouna, Hebron; awaits open-heart surgery.
5. Ahmad Tameemy, Ramallah; requires kidney implant.
6. Akram Salama, Gaza; suffers a disease in his bladder.
7. Akram Al Khawy, Gaza; suffers from accute asthma, requires continuous oxygen inhalation.
8. Jom’a Ismail, Jerusalem; accute asthma and Diabetics.
9. Qasem Ayyad, Jenin; paralyzed.  
10. Khaled Baradeyya, Bethlehem; paralyzed.
11. Mansour Mouqidy; Al Zawiya, paralyzed and was repeatedly shot in his abdomen.
12. Fadi Abu Zeid, Jenin refugee camp; anemia.
13. Haitham Yassin, Nablus; paralyzed after being shot in his lunges and spine.

Moreover, lawyer Doqmaq also met detainee Mousa Doudin, from Hebron, and the Lebanese detainee Sameer Qontar, in Hadarim detention facility.

Qontar informed Doqmaq that he met with the head of the prison intelligence to discuss financial issue regarding the accounts of the prison canteen which the prison administration shut down; he received a promise that this issue will be studied but no actual conducts where seen on the ground.  

They also discussed the issue of the detainees who are confined to solitary imprisonment; but also no progress has been reported.