An Israeli army and police force stopped on Saturday Israeli peace activists and Palestinian farmers and prevented them from delivering water to Susa village near Hebron.

The village has been suffering a serious water shortage and this water was going to be used for drinking by the villagers.

The village faces a threat of loosing a wide area of its land for the expansion of an Israeli settlement.

The villagers insist on staying in their land to protect it from being annexed to the nearby settlement, which is called "Sosa."

The villagers believe the Israeli army is behind the cut of water supplies to force the families there to leave.

A group of Israeli peace activists and Palestinians attempted to bring water to the villagers to help them stay in their land.

Troops, however, stopped the water trucks before they were able to enter the village.  An Israeli peace activists from Betselem, an Israeli human rights organization, tried to convince the soldiers to let them enter the village, yet, the attempt failed, local sources reported.

The village of Susa is being attacked by the settlers and army on regular basis in order to force the several families village out from their lands.

The intention to expand a settlement comes few weeks after the Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and his newly formed Kadima party said intends to evacuate some 70 thousand settlers from the West Bank into , in a unilateral step called the convergence plan.