Former Mossad head, Efraim Halevy, said on Saturday that the Road Map Plan includes articles that contradict with the interests of the State of Israel; the Mossad is the Israeli Government’s Intelligence Agency. The statements of Halevy came during an interview with the Israeli Radio.

He said that Israel objects to several articles mentioned in the Road Map Plan, especially the articles regarding “the partition of Jerusalem”, in accordance to the Saudi Initiative, and an Israeli recognition of the United Nations decisions regarding Israel’s withdrawal from the occupied territories.

He claimed that the plan was not presented to any professional side to examine and analyze it. Halevy added that Israel does not need to recognize Hamas in order to maintain its presence.

“If Israel finds itself obliged to hold talks with Hamas on an extended truce, it will do so because both sides need to achieve a seize fire”, he stated,

Halevy also said that “it is not the right time to reach a final solution” adding that such an agreement cannot be achieved under the current conditions and hatred between the two sides.  

According to Halevy, an agreement between Israel and the Palestinians on an extended seize fire agreement could be the base of negotiations to achieve a temporal solution regarding the borders between Israel and the Palestinian territories.