Israeli sources reported on Sunday that one Israeli soldier was seriously injured in his stomach after exchanging fire with Hizbollah fighters near Kibbutz Minora, close to the Israeli-Lebanese borders.

An Israeli army source reported that the soldier, along with another soldier – both members of the Israeli air-force, were standing near a wall that surrounds Kibbutz Minora.

The injured soldier was airlifted to an Israeli military hospital; the soldier was apparently fired at by a fighter using a sniper rifle, Israeli sources added.

Also, Israeli military sources reported that Hizbollah fighters shelled military bases in the occupied Shiba farms, south of Lebanon, and that Israeli air-force also shelled Lebanese targets along the borders.
On Sunday, arround 5 p.m, the Israeli army accepted a request by the Lebanese government, which was relayed to army by UN mediators, to cease attacks. The army accepted the request in a message which was relayed by UN mediators.

Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, said that Israel will shell any area in Lebanese if it is used by fighters to launch attacks against the Israeli areas adjacent to the Lebanese borders.

The situation on the Israeli-Lebanese borders inflamed after one Palestinian fighter, member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine – The General Command, was killed, and six others were injured after the Israeli army shelled areas in southern Lebanon.