The Nablus office of the Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS) reported that the detainees in Huwwara Israeli detention facility, south of the West Bank city of Nablus, are suffering from bad health conditions and bad treatment.

The Society added that one of its lawyers visited several detainees in Huwwara who informed him that their rooms are very hot and filled with bugs and insects.

The detainees also said that they are not receiving any medical care or attention and appealed the international humanitarian organizations to visit them to observe their conditions and listen to their complaints.

Detainee Omar Abu Sa’da, from Tulkarem, has been suffering from repeated bleeding from his mouth and nose for the past two weeks and feels dizzy most of the time. The society demanded the Israeli Prison Authorities transfer him to another facility that might have better conditions but the request was ignored.

On Tuesday night, Israeli soldiers broke into the rooms of Huwwara prison and attacked the detainee, the PPS reported.

The PPS added that the situation is not any better in Qadumim prison since there are several detainees who are in immediate need for medical care while the prison administration is barring them from their medication rights guaranteed by the international law.