At dawn this morning Israeli forces invaded Jenin Refugee Camp. Members of the armed resistance wing of Islamic Jihad, Al-Quds Brigade, fought back against the invading army as Israeli forces penetrated deeply into the camp.

Eyewitnesses report that approximately 30 Israeli military vehicles, including two bulldozers, incurred into the camp. Residents told PNN Monday morning that Israeli forces besieged several neighborhoods and began attacking.

Not only did the Israeli forces attack neighborhoods in general, but Israeli soldiers also broke into several homes and detained residents while at the same time conducting invasive searches which destroyed a great deal of personal property.

Members of Al-Quds Brigade, fought back against the Israeli forces during the attack. Israeli soldiers shouted through loudspeakers for those on their “wanted” list to surrender.

Jenin Camp resident Sofian Istiti told PNN, “Soldiers forced my family and I, including my elderly father, my brothers and nephews, outside at gunpoint. They held us there for hours while tearing apart the contents of our home.”

Istiti continued, “In the end, Israeli soldiers arrested my younger brother Wajdi, who is only 23 years old. We don’t know where he is.”

Israeli forces also took Salah Farid, Mohammad Farid and 22 year old Majid Ararwai, to unknown locations during the morning’s raid.

The armed resistance wing of Islamic Jihad, Al-Quds Brigade, announced that they detonated several explosives in an attempt to stop the invasion.

Israeli sources claim that the four young men they arrested are all affiliated with Al-Quds Brigade.