Israeli sources reported on Thursday that an Israeli Air Force missile dud was discovered Thursday morning in Kibbutz Nahal Oz near Gaza. Army suspects that a malfunction in the aircraft resulted in the falling of the missile; damage was reported, no injuries.


Israeli Ynetnews reported that a loud explosion was heard by the kibbutz residents who thought that the sound was caused by a Qassam homemade shell fired by resistance fighters.

In the morning on Thursday they began scouring the kibbutz grounds, and security guards at the Kibbutz found a “complex” bomb that had just been dropped.
A few hours later it became clear that the missile fell by accident from an Air Force craft but did not explode, The Ynetnews added; the army initiated a probe in the incident.

An Israeli military spokesperson said that when the air force operates intensively with a large number of weapons “errors occasionally take place”, but categorized the incident as” sever”.

The spokesperson added that the incident most likely occurred as the air force was operating intensively over Gaza skies and attacked several routes, and launching pads, used by Palestinian fighters to fire homemade shells at Israeli settlement close to Gaza borders.