Palestinian security sources and eyewitnesses jointly reported that an Israeli force of eight military patrols invaded Bethlehem since the pre-dawn hours, and invaded Beit Jala and northern Bethlehem near Aida Refugee Camp and open fire on residents and their houses.

This is also the area where the Israeli military has built the Wall and confiscated hundreds of dunams of land for a Synagogue, a Yeshiva and another settlement, according to Bethlehem’s Mayor.

All day Sunday Israeli forces poured through the Bethlehem streets in Beit Jala, Al Doha Village, Deheisha Refugee Camp and Aida Refugee Camp.

During a three hour period Israeli forces broke into several homes in Al Doha and Deheisha Refugee Camp. However the invasion began in the pre-dawn hours and is ongoing as early evening sets in.

Israeli forces took 30 year old Yassin Abu Omar from Deheisha Refugee Camp to an unknown location for alleged affiliation with the Fateh party. Another Palestinian was also arrested and the two were taken naked and blindfolded to unknown locations in the back of Israeli jeeps.