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Palestine Today a service of the international Middle East media centre for Monday June 12th, 2006
Today the Army starts to open a trench along the Yabod-Araba road. A car was shelled in Gaza also troops install portable checkpoints south of Tubas and the entrance of Tamon.  The Army invades the West Bank city of Jenin and clashes with the resistance
Those stories and more coming up stay tuned.
Army starts to open a trench along the Yabod-Araba road
The Israeli army bulldozers started digging a three meters deep trench along the Yabod-Araba village road near the West Bank city of Jenin Monday.
According to the local residents, this trench will stop the residents from using the farm roads to bypass the Israeli army checkpoint on that road which is the cause of daily delays and harassments by the soldiers.
Army shell a car in Gaza
An Israeli air force jetfighter fired two missiles at a Palestinian car that was traveling on Khalil Al Wazir near Al Nasser neighborhood in Gaza city Monday morning.
Medical sources at Al Shifa’a hospital in Gaza City said that the hospital had not received any casualties until now.
Initial reports said that the car belongs to resistance fighters from Al Qassam brigades the armed wing of Hamas.  Eyewitnesses said that the two passengers escaped the car before it was hit by the missiles.  The car and several nearby cars were destroyed.
Army installs portable checkpoints south of Tubas and the entrance of Tamon
The Israeli army has installed several portable checkpoints to the south of the West Bank city of Tubass and the nearby village entrance of Tamon, on Monday morning.
Troops stopped the residents and collective taxis to searche them and forced the resident to stand for long hours, which caused people to miss their jobs and school, eyewitnesses reported.
Army invades the West Bank city of Jenin and clashes with the resistance
The Israeli army invaded the West Bank city of Jenin and clashed with the local resistance fighters defending the city during the early dawn hours Monday.
A massive army force and one bulldozer stormed the city from several directions with soldiers searching homes and stopping cars. Several residents were detained before troops moved towards the city’s refugee camp and clashed with the local resistance fighters, local sources reported.
No injuries or arrests were reported but residents said that this is the second army attack on the city in less than 24 hours.
Army arrests one resident from Toqua village east of Bethlehem
Israeli army troops arrested Monier Al Omor, 27, from the village of Toqua east of the West Bank city of Bethlehem at dawn on Monday.
Al Omor was arrested when the army invaded the village from several directions and surrounded his house. The house was searched and Al Omor was taken to an unknown location, his family reported.
Army levels one house in Tourah village west of Jenin
The Israeli army bulldozers leveled one house in Tourah village west of the West Bank city of Jenin, Monday morning.
An army bulldozer and more than 20 army vehicles stormed the village and demolished the house of Naji Qabha, alagedly for being too close to the wall that the army is building on the village land..
Naji’s mother lost consciousness and was moved to the city hospital after her house was demolished, local sources reported.
Resistance fires home made shells at Sderot
Al Quds Brigades, the armed wing of the Islamic Jihad has claimed responsibility for firing two homemade shells at the Israeli town of Sderot, on Monday.
In a press release issued this morning, the Brigades said that the action comes as a response to Israeli attacks and crimes against the Palestinian people.
Army arrests several residents from Hebron villages
The Israeli army invaded Ithan and Yata villages near the West Bank city of Hebron and arrested three residents there, Monday morning.
Hamza Al Hitawi, 23, who works as an office in the Palestinian Authority national security forces was arrested along with another officer who’s name remains unknown. They were arrested when troops invaded Ithna village and searched several homes, local sources reported.
Meanwhile another force invaded the nearby village of Yata, searched several houses before arresting Ahmad Al Najar, 39, and took him to an unknown location, eyewitnesses reported.
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