Palestinian medical sources in southern Gaza Strip city of Khan Younis reported that two brothers were killed and seven residents were injured in an explosion that took place in a Palestinian house in the city.

The two brothers were identified as Qasem and Maisam Mohammad Mashoud, and their young sister Asma’ was injured in the blast. The nature of the blast remained unknown.

Palestinian security sources reported that Qasem Mas’oud, 22, is a member of the Abu Al Reesh Brigades, one of Fateh’s armed wings.

Meanwhile, Israeli artillery shelled a house in Khan Younis, while another missile exploded in an open area east of Khan Younis.  

The Al Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Fateh movement, claimed responsibility for firing an anti-tank shell at a military bulldozer near the Gaza International Airport in the southern part of the Gaza Strip.