The Palestinian Prime Minister Ismael Haniya said that the ongoing Israeli attacks against the Gaza Strip obstruct efforts to release the Israeli soldier, who was captured by the Palestinian resistance fighters who carried out a military attack against an Israeli military base at Kerem Shalom south of Gaza Strip on Sunday.

Haniya who spoke on the Friday prayer in a Gaza mosque said ’s abduction of the ministers and parliament members will not cause the government and the political system to fail.

has threatened to kill Haniya, saying that there will be no immunity for anyone in the attacks against Gaza Strip.

In response to Israeli threats he said, "they might kill the men and the leaders but they will not be able to assassinate the positions of the people and their opinions, used the capture of a soldier to execute its old plans, which have many goals including bringing Palestinians to their knees and humiliating them."

He said that the current Israeli offensive against the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip has been planned before Sunday’s attack, pointing to several earlier attacks including the Ghalia family of which seven members were killed in an Israeli shelling on the Gaza beach on June 9.

"The Israeli war on the Palestinian government’ is a war that was planned before the soldier was captured, it was published in the Israeli newspapers. What happened to Ghalia family and the killing of the Palestinians in Khan Younis proves that." He added in reference to the shelling of the Ministry of Interior building in Gaza, that "the shelling of the ministries and the official departments will not bring the Palestinian government down and will not affect its course. Ministers and officials may change, but any government to be formed in the next four years will reflect the election results."

Haniya questioned the intentions behind the military offensive against the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, saying that these Israeli actions will not lead to the release of the captured soldier.

He added that the International community and especially the American position is what “gave the green light to attack the Palestinian people.”