Friday after midnight, the Israeli air force fired missiles at electricity generators in the central Gaza Strip causing complete power blackout in the whole area.


Eyewitnesses reported that the Israeli air force fired several missiles at the generators setting them on fire and causing huge damage to several constructions.

Firefighters, and civil defense teams, headed to the shelled generators in an attempt to put the fire off.

Over the last two days, the Israeli army targeted several electricity generators in the Gaza Strip as part of its ongoing offensive. Bridges connecting the different parts of the Gaza Strip were also shelled and destroyed.

In spite that Israel said that it delayed its ground offensive in the Gaza Strip, the Israeli air force shelled several electricity generators, bridges connecting different parts of the Gaza Strip in addition to shelling several Palestinian facilities, including the office of the Palestinian Prime Minister, Sa’id Siyam.

Several Palestinians, including a five-year old child, wee injured in Friday in different Israeli air strikes and shelling in the Gaza Strip. 
Also, the Israeli army shelled a building that includes an office of Fateh movement.

On Friday afternoon, three Palestinians were injured when the Israeli air force fired a missile at a vehicle carrying fighters of the Islamic Jihad, the fighters managed to escape from the vehicle before the missile hit their car.

The Israeli army reported that in spite of the strikes carried in the Gaza Strip, and the huge military presence, including dozens of tanks and armored vehicles, Palestinian fighters managed to fire homemade shells at Ashkelon, no injuries were reported.