The Gaza strip, the most densely populated place on earth is completely walled up no one can get out or in, without the Israeli armies’ blessing.

The Gaza strip has been surrounded by a fence or wall since 1994. The Israeli army controls all access through 6 Checkpoints or gates in the wall. Now a new 55km long, 8 meter high, electrified, barrier is planned to further isolate Gaza. To date 7 kilometres have been completed

On arrival at Erez crossing, the familiar military architecture looms: the hyper market sized car park, fibre glass huts and metal scanning gateways, and slabs of 3m high tomb like concrete marching across the land, marking out the largest human incarceration in the world.
The ‘crossing’ was closed because of an ‘operation’; taking place just behind the wall.

The ‘operation’ from where I was standing, next to a smiling plain clothes soldier lounging against his hut, consisted of massive tank fire and screaming, coming from behind the concrete slabs.

This human made barrier marks a designated killing zone where all right to life and safety is removed, as decreed by some human beings, as to who of their species shall suffer and die.

Starvation and shelling, is the current genocide carried out by Israel and it seems that governments around the globe also want Palestinians dispossessed or dead because international law is not up held and no protection is offered to the populations of Gaza and the West Bank as the death tolls rise.

The wall around the West Bank continues and I wonder what the situation will look like here in a year? Will this beautiful cluster of towns and villages be the victims of a similar genocide that the people of Gaz a are suffering?