Israeli military bulldozers started to level wide areas of lands owned by the residents of Al faraheen area east of Khan Younis south of Gaza Strip on Thursday.

Local eyewitnesses reported that three military bulldozers backed by seven tanks and an air cover intercepted in the area for 600 meters away from the eastern borders of the Strip and started bulldozing farmlands planted with olive trees.

According to Jaber Abu Rajeelah, a resident from the area, these farmlands belong the Gazan families of Abu A’nza and Abu Rajeelah families.

Al Faraheen area had been invaded repeatedly by the army during the years of the Intefada during which several houses were demolished and farmlands were bulldozed.

As part of its major plan for reinvading the Gaza Strip, In the late hours of Wednesday night, Israeli military vehichles invaded the strip and took over three settlements that Israel withdrew from in september of last year.