Thursday morning Israeli army will charge the Ministers and Parliament Members with the affiliation with the Hamas movement in military courts in both detentions of Salem near the West Bank city of nablus and in Ofer south of Ramallah.

Khaled Dusuqi, lawyer of the prisoners’ supporters society in Ramallah said on Wednesday said that the Palestinian ministers and the Palestinian Legislative Council members captured by the Israeli army last week are treated harshly and are humiliated by the Israeli soldiers in Al Jalamah dentition center.

In one of his visits to Al Jalamah ditintion center, located near the Israeli city of Haifa on the Carmeal mountains, lawyer Dusuqi was allowed by the Isreali army to meet with the captured minister of prisoners’ affairs Wasfi Qabaha from the West Bank city of Jenin. The lawyer said that he was surprised by the bad health situation of the minister Qabaha since he is diabatic and he needs to be given insulin injections but the prison administration denied him any medical care.

Qabaha added that he and the rest of the captured ministers and PLC members are imprisoned in Al Jalamah detention center that lacks the least health and human conditions.

Qabaha added the Israeli intelligence officers are interrogating them about the Israeli captured soldier Gilad Shalit by three Palestinian resistance factions during an attack on an Israeli military base in the north of the Gaza Strip on June 25. The Israel interrogators are trying to charg them of affiliation with Hanmas movement.

Qabaha said that the arrests are politically motivated and the response for such arrests will be both political and juridical. Qabah described the ministers and PLC members’ as high and that they will not deal with the Israeli interrogators affirming that their capture is illegitimate in accordance with the International convictions that give them the immunity.

Israel considers affialtion with Hamas a criminal act since the movement it labeled the movement as "terrorist" organization.