More than 200 Palestinian detainees have joined the mass hunger strike which, up until now, according to WAFA, has included the participation of over 1,800 detainees.

The decision to join the hunger strike came as the Israel Prison Service continues to reject the demands of the hunger strikers, the media committee for the strike said.

For the 35th day in a row, the detainees are continuing the Freedom and Dignity protest amid strict and repressive measures, by Israeli authorities, to break the strike.

The hunger strikers are calling for better access to medical care; increased visit duration from 45 to 90 minutes; removal of glass barriers during family visits; improved detention conditions including easing restrictions on the entry of books, clothing, food and other gifts from family members; installing phones to enable prisoners to communicate with their families and an end to the policy of administrative detention.

(Al Ray archive image.)

04/19/17 The Demands Of Hunger Striking Detainees In Israeli Prisons