At least 140 Lebanese have been killed in five straight days of Israeli bombardments and air strikes, with the vast majority of those killed civilians and children, the Lebanese Daily Star reported Monday.

The Lebanese resistance shot down an observation balloon that was raised by the Israeli army overt the southern Beirut suburb.  Al-Jazeera Sattilite channel showed footage of a huge fire with black smoke, which was attributed by many people to a shot down Israeli F-16 Jet fighter.  However, denied that any of its F-16 were shot down.

‘s attacks on intensified over the weekend with the Israeli military bombing Beirut‘s southern suburbs, in addition to targeting villages and infrastructure throughout the country.

At least 39 Lebanese were killed eight of which held Canadian citizens, according to the Canadian Embassy in Beirut, and 105 wounded in ‘s offensive on Sunday.

A short while earlier, at least 20 missiles struck the main fuel tank at Rafik Hariri International Airport and an adjacent tunnel. The attack was the fifth on the airport. Also Sunday, the power plant in Jiyye was struck for the third time.

Israeli warplanes also raided a building in the Southern port town of Tyre that housed the Civil Defense. The attack killed more than 20 civilians and wounded at least 50, including foreign relief workers.

According to the Daily Star, Israeli attacks have targeted dozens of towns and villages in the South, but also areas in the Bekaa Valley, particularly the ancient city of Baalbek.

‘s strikes have practically wiped out Hizbullah’s self-proclaimed "security perimeter" in Haret Hreik – a heavily guarded zone which Hizbullah maintains off-limits to outsiders, the Daily Star reported.

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