The Israeli air force bombarded Lebanon with heavy fire Monday, killing 24 Lebanese on the sixth day of fighting. Missiles hit a bus driving on a bridge in the town of Al Romeila near Sour, killing twelve Lebanese residents. Ten more bodies were found under the rubble of a shelled building in Sour. The Israeli army intensified its attacks in recent hours by shelling the town of  Al Khayyam in southern Lebanon and southern districts of Beirut.

A Lebanese source reported that the village of Al Khayyam has been cut off from the rest of the country after the Israeli army shelled the southern and northern entrances.  

Lebanese rescue teams found the bodies of ten Lebanese civilians buried under the rubble of a building that was shelled by Israeli forces in city of Sour earlier Monday.

The army is currently trying to isolated all towns and villages in southern Lebanon by shelling bridges and main roads leading to the villages.

Dozens of residents were poisoned what appears to be toxic materials found in shells fired by the Israeli army, Lebanese medical sources reported. The injured residents were vomiting and suffered symptoms of poisoning.  

Two Lebanese civilians were killed after the army shelled the Sour seaport Monday morning.

Hezbollah fighters claimed to have shot down two Israeli spy -balloons flying over Lebanon.

Secretary general of Hizbollah party Hasan Nasrallah said that the “battle with Israel is still beginning” and that his fighters avoided targeting petrochemical factories when they fired rockets at Haifa.

He added that his party “will not have any red lines in defending Lebanon.”

In a televised speech broadcasted on Hezbollah run TV station, Al Manar, Nasrallah said that his men are capable of firing rockets at any place in northern Israel and that the party “has the right to do so since Israel is targeting civilian areas in Lebanon.”   

Nasrallah added that Israel does not know Hezbollah’s full military capacities.

Nasrallah also denied that his fighters shelled an Egyptian ship carrying sailors and said the ship was shelled by Israel. He also denied reports claiming ranian troops joined Hizbollah fighters against Israel.

Nasrallah also denounced the meeting of Arab ministers Monday in Cairo and said this meeting showed the incapability of Arab governments in countering the Israeli attacks.