The Israeli invasion in the west Bank city of Nablus continued leaving three residents killed, and 26, including two reporters injured, as well as over 150 taken prisoner.  Among the injured Dr. Ghassan Hamdan, head of the Palestinian Medical Relief Committees in the city.

Dr. Hamdan was mildly injured in his right leg by a rubber-coated bullet. Two medics, identified as Mohammad Al Damouny were also injured by rubber-coated bullets fired by the army.

The Israeli military offensive continued in the West Bank city of Nablus with army bulldozers starting to demolish the Palestinian Security Forces facility and the building of the Ministry of Interior in the city.

Soldiers, tanks and jeeps are still in the city and surrounding the prison and a Palestinian security compound that belong to the PA, local sources reported.

Soldiers also broke into the Palestinian Ministry of Heath, in the same area, and occupied it.

Meanwhile a second reporter, Faten Elwan, working for Al Hurra American based TV station was also shot by the army and was moved to a nearby hospital.

Earlier in the morning, troops attacked reporters of the Qater based Al Jazeera TV and injured one crew member after firing at him while covering the offensive in which four PA security officers area killed in and more than 30 injured among them a child.

The Palestinian WAFA News Agency reported that soldiers occupied several houses overlooking at the Old City of Nablus and fired rounds of live ammunition at several houses.

The Israeli invasion comes less than 24 hours after resistance fighters detonated an explosive charge near a military jeeps killing one Israeli soldier and injuring three others in an invasion carried by the army in the city.

The Al Aqsa Martyrs brigades, the armed wing of Fateh claimed responsibility for the attack.

Moreover, soldiers fired gas bombs and rubber-coated bullets at several houses in the schools area. One reporter of the Palestinian News Agency WAFA was injured after the army broke into WAFA office in the city. She was identified as Mona Al Fares.

In a separate incident, was resident was seriously injured after the army fired rounds of live ammunition at youth who gathered near the Palestinian Authority Headquarters in the city.

Also, soldiers surrounded a school in the city and destroyed its main gate.

Three killed in Nablus, 23 injured, two seriously
Ghassan H Bannoura – IMEMC & Agencies, 15:23

According to medical sources in the West Bank city of Nablus reported that injures toll until the noon time reached to 23 injuries, two critical one of them a child.
Meanwhile residents are reporting that the army offensive is still ongoing in the city and clashes between stone throwing youth and the army soldiers area reported in several parts of the city.

One of the critically wounded was moved to Rafidia hospital and was admitted to surgery room directly due to bolt wound in the abdomen, the other critically injured who is a child  was moved to the Arab Women Union hospital in the city for treatment after sustaining a direct bolt hit in the head.

Among the injured Wa’el Tanoos a broadcasting Technician in the city working for the Qater based Al – Jazeera TV, medical sources reported.

The death toll in Nablus raises to 3; eight additional injuries reported
Ghassan Bannoura, IMEMC & Agencies,  11:20

The death toll in the West bank city of Nablus due to this morning’s incursion has raised to 3.  Meanwhile there are eight injures reported:  2 medium, 5 moderate and one critical.

In a phone call with Dr. Ghassan Hamdan, the Head of The PMRC office in the city, said that three persons from the area are still being detained by the army, but no names are known yet.

Dr. Hamdan also said that the army is still surrounding the prison facility, holding the critically injured officer inside and not allowing Palestinian medics to retrieve him.  He added that soldiers are surrounding the area both at the prison facility and at the main road, cutting the city into two.

Meanwhile local sources are saying that there are clashes all over the besieged area and several other places in the city between the residents with their stones and the army which is firing both live rounds and rubber coated bullets.

One killed, several injured in an army attack on PA prison in Nablus
Ghasan Bannoura, IMEMC & Agencies, 10:27

One Palestinian police officer was killed and several others injured after Israeli troops invaded the West Bank city of Nablus and attacked a Palestinian jail facility Wednesday at dawn.

The attack happened at around 3:00 AM, as more than 50 army vehicles invaded the city and surrounded the jail. Soldiers asked both the police officers and the inmates to remove their clothes, eyewitnesses reported.

A gun battle erupted after an army bulldozer started destroying parts of the facility’s outside wall. One officer was killed in the clash and several others were injured, local sources reported.

Abdul Al Raheem Qusinni, a journalist at the scene, said that soldiers handcuffed and blindfolded both officers and inmates before taking them to an unknown location.

Qusinni added that four army bulldozers are surrounding the jail facility and soldiers have blocked the road leading to the facility