Leaders from the Muslim and Christian communities are uniting in condemnation of continued Israeli aggression against the Lebanese and Palestinian peoples.

Chief Islamic Justice Sheikh Taysir Rajab Al Tamimi and Greek Orthodox Church leader Bishop D. Attallah Hanna met today in Jerusalem to discuss the recent Israeli violations of humanitarian and international law.

Specifically, the two leaders discussed the mass destruction of infrastructure and the targeting of innocent cilivians, including women, children, and the elderly.

Sheikh Al Tamimi and Bishop Hanna stressed that hundreds of Lebanese and Palestinians are being killed and wounded without regard to religious affiliation. They added that such neglect of the situation by the United Nations and the international community is likely to result in large-scale humanitarian disaster.

The two leaders concluded their session together by calling upon the governments and people of the Arab and Islamic world to fully support the people of Lebanon and Palestine and put pressure on international actors to stop the aggression the innocent.