In Bil’in village Palestinians, Israelis and internationals peacefully protest against Israeli attacks in Gaza, Lebanon

Two-hundred-fifty Palestinian residents, 100 international supporters and 20 Israeli peace activists held a silent protest against the ongoing Israeli military attacks in Lebanon and Palestine, near the gate of the Annexation Wall currently being constructed on confiscated village lands in Bil’in village, west of Ramallah in the West Bank.

An international peace activist in Bil’in told the IMEMC that the protesters carried a 3 x 20 meter black flag to commemorate the over 400 Palestinian and Lebanese residents, almost all of them civilians, killed in the last month by the Israeli army in the occupied territories and Lebanon during the ongoing Israeli military escalations and attacks.

Mohammad Al Khateeb, member of the Popular Committee Against the Wall in Bil’in, informed the IMEMC that the protesters marched silently towards the Gate of the Annexation Wall and conducted a minute of silence to commemorate and mourn the victims in Lebanon and Palestine.     

“We are protesting against the Israeli military aggression that targets innocent civilians and infrastructure”, Al Khateeb stated, “We are against the Arab and International apathy and silence towards the ongoing Israeli violations of human rights”.

Al Khateeb also called on the Palestinian and Israeli peace activists to continue to protest, both in Palestine and in Israel, against the Israeli attacks and violations.  

No clashes were reported in the protest that ended with a general meeting in the village between the peace activists and the residents to discuss further steps of nonviolent resistance against the Wall and the ongoing Israeli military aggression and escalation.