Friday at around 1:00 P.M fighters of the Lebanon based Hezbollah party fired Katusha shells at Haifa city, in the north of Israel, two Israelis were seriously injured, four moderately and twelve were lightly hurt, Israeli sources reported. Two Israelis were injured in a shelling to the Galilee. Fighters also shelled several other Israeli cities in the north.

Most of the wounded were hurt when a rocket slammed into a central post office branch. Another rocket hit a residential building. No one was in the apartment that was hit in the strike, and no injuries were reported.

A third rocket hit a parked car in the city. Shortly after the rocket strike, municipality workers began clearing the rubble.

Israeli security sources reported on Friday that two Katusha shells hit open areas in Safad town, no reports of damage but one minor injury was reported.

Katusha shells were also fired at Safed and Kiryat Shmona, Tiberias, north of the country.

Hezbollah fighters also fired shells at the Galilee, where two people were hurt.  Two houses were damaged in the Western Galilee, near Ma’alot.

Eyewitnesses in Haifa city told the Arabs 48 news website that "the situation was calm over the past two days, but today massive explosions were felt all over the city, while the sirens were heard before the residents entered the shelters.

In Rosh Pina and Hatzor cities, Hezbollah gunmen fired two Katusha shells causing no injuries, Israeli sources reported.