Sunday evening. The Israeli police arrested three protesters marching against the war in Lebanon and Palestine during a protest in the northern city of Lod. The protest was organized by the National Democratic Assembly and the Democratic Front in Israel.

Hundreds of protesters gathered in Lod Sunday evening near one of the city’s malls. Israeli police demanded the protest end and confiscated the identity cards of three protesters before taking them to the city’s police station.

Upon arriving to the police station, the three protesters were arrested without explanation.

The three were identified as Kamal Tannous, member of the National Democratic Assembly, Jamal Salama, member of the Democratic Front, and a third protester who was released on bail and was barred from entering  the city for fifteen days.
Mousa Abu Kushk, secretary of the National Democratic Assembly in Lod, told the Arabs48 news website that the Israeli police claimed Tannous and Salama organized “an illegal gathering” and chanted “illegal slogans.”

Abu Kushk confirmed that the protest was officially licensed from the Israeli authorities. The protesters chanted slogans against the war in Lebanon and Palestine.

They also chanted slogans describing the Israeli ministers as war criminals and asked the Israeli defense minister how many "children [has] he killed so far.”