In an ongoing invasion into the northern West Bank, Israeli forces killed three Palestinians in the city of Jenin on Sunday; two of them just 16 years old.

The military invasion was apparently meant to include a ‘targeted assassination’ of the 23-year old Al Aqsa Brigades leader in Jenin, Zakaria Zubaidi, but Zubaidi was apparently nowhere near the scene when Israeli forces opened fire on a group of youth in the street.

‘Targeted assassinations’ are a violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention, to which Israel is a signatory, due to the fact that they violate the principle of proportionality.

In Jenin, Israeli forces attempted a targeted assassination, in contravention of international law, but instead of killing a resistance fighter, their bullets hit 16 year old Wael Ahmed, 16 year old Ala Farhanh, and 18 year old Husam Mahmoud Sa’adi.

None of those killed were connected to any resistance group, and were apparently ‘collateral damage’.

Eyewitnesses also reported that Israeli forces prevented ambulances from reaching the bodies of the three boys, also in contravention of international humanitarian law.

In the funeral for Husam, a relative eulogized, “He was in the flower of youth, 18 years old, however, the Israelis killed him in cold blood without guilt or reason.”