As the Israeli army continues its offensive against Lebanon for the twelfth consecutive day, eleven Lebanese were killed and dozens were wounded in several Lebanese towns and cities. On the Israeli side, two Israelis were killed and dozens were injured by Katusha shells.

The Qatar based Al Jazeera TV reported  that eleven Lebanese were killed in Israeli air strikes that mainly targeted the city of Sour in southern Lebanon and the Al Dahia area, south of Beirut. 
An Al Jazeera reporter in Lebanon said the Israeli air force shelled areas in Kafr Shouba and Shab’a in southern Lebanon.

The Israeli army also shelled the Al Qasmiyya bridge, east of Sour (83 km south of Beirut), killing one Lebanese resident and injuring another.

Five residents were injured in Israeli strikes targeting the villages of Ma’araka and Ein B’aal, east of Sour.  

Three residents were killed and 14 were injured Sunday when the Israeli air force shelled a minibus carrying refugees, southeast of Sour. The minibus was being accompanied by the Red Cross.

The villages of Beit Yahoun, Hareess, Hadatha, and Bar’asheet were shelled twelve times in less than 30 minutes.

A Lebanese female reporter was also killed in heavy fighting in southern Lebanon Sunday.  

A 15-year old child was killed and four civilians were injured in the town of Mais Al Jabal in the Al Nabtiyya area.

One resident was killed and two were injured in the town of Baleeda. At least sixteen other residents were injured.

Five more residents were injured in Saida Sunday at dawn.

Two residents were killed and seven were injured in Israeli shellings that targeted factories, houses, and bridges in the Al Biqa’ plains near the Lebanese-Syrian border.

Dozens of buildings, mainly construction sites used by Hezbollah fighters, were leveled in the Al Dahiya Al Janoubiyya area in Beirut.

On the Israeli side, five Israelis were injured by Katusha shells in the city of Haifa. Two Israelis, including an Arab resident, were killed in the Ebleen village in the western Galilee. Seventy were injured, three seriously.  

Hezbollah gunmen also fired shells at northern Israeli settlements including the cities of Acre, Carmiel, Tiberius, and Safad.  

The Israeli army occupied the village of Maroun Al ras on the Israeli-Lebanese borders, killing three Hezbollah fighters and taking two prisoners.

Several residents, including two children, were injured in the village. One UN observer was also injured in the area during a gun battle between Hezbollah fighters and Israeli troops.

An Israeli military spokesperson reported that a body of an Israeli soldier was found in Maroun Al Ras village, after being killed last week.

The spokesperson said seven soldiers have been killed since Israel carried its ground offensive in southern Lebanon late last week.  

Meanwhile, Syrian Information Minister Mohsin Bilal warned during an interview with a Spanish newspaper that Syria will interfere in the conflict if the Israeli ground forces invade Lebanon and got close to the Syrian borders.