The roads are closed and Jenin is besieged. Israeli forces are not allowing the northern West Bank residents to move, claiming “hot warnings.” The armed Palestinian resistance may conduct operations against the Israelis occupying the area, according to Israeli sources.

Israeli forces deployed intense military reinforcements around the city of Jenin and its neighboring towns and villages, imposing barriers on both major and side roads.

Residents are accustomed to such treatment, and take alternative routes. However, driver Kahlid Ibrahim told PNN Monday, “We found all the roads closed and occupation soldiers in places we have not seen them before. They are in every outlet as if they want to strangle people.”

Eyewitness accounts report that Israeli forces have spread to all areas near the Israeli Wall built inside the West Bank, and are accompanied by foot and canine patrols.

Palestinian farmers can no longer reach their lands. Among them is Hassan Zaidan, who told PNN, “We have not been able to access land. The gates are closed and soldiers are passing through while the people are suffering, unable to reach their lands behind that racist Wall.”

Another area resident said that Israeli soldiers prevented him from moving because his identification card indicated he was from Jenin. “The soldiers kept me in a very humiliating manner for several hours and forced me to return to Jenin. I can’t go anywhere.”

Jenin resident, Barakat Hosni, told PNN, “The soldiers made me undress, searched me, and kept me like that, naked, for an hour. After all of that, they didn’t let me move. The occupiers used insults and offensive words and I could not move through me own land.”

Taxi driver Khalid Azzouz said that Israeli soldiers prevented him from working due to his Jenin residency. “I tried to pass one of the barriers, but the response was short. You from Jenin, travel is prohibited.”

Ramzi Abu Ali Hajj said he tried with eight different soldiers, and resorted to screaming. “What you want from me? I am older and I go for treatment, where do I want to travel? Is the man in the Sunni posing a threat to Israeli security?”

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